EFC Lean Boot Camp


15 & 29 October & 13 November 2019

The EFC invited all managers/business owners and leadership teams to join us for the series of half day workshops to start your Lean journey. With the aim of learning the importance of Lean and receive practical tools, templates and professional guidance which you can implement at your firm.
    A high level of productivity is necessary to compete effectively against local and international competitors in the manufacturing space. Increased productivity results in decreased internal costs and reduced wastage in business processes.
      The EFC is offering Lean manufacturing training targetted at the implementation of the following fundamental Lean principles:
      • Identification of waste – become empowered to identify wastage within business processes and better able to manage it.
      • 5S – create a physical working environment conducive to respect, safety and efficiency. This is the basis of Lean implementation.
      • Problem Solving – receive guidance and real-world experience in the use of problem solving tools


      The Lean Boot Camp was hosted by Celrose Clothing. Celrose belongs to the KZN Clothing & Textiles Cluster and is the perfect firm to showcase the benefits of Lean. In 2005 Celrose employed 450 employees and was considering closure. Today through the incorporation of Lean Manufacturing methodologies into their daily operations, endorsed by the cluster, the firm employs 1726 employees and is considered the leading apparel manufacturer in South Africa.


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